Full Text of Dianne Feinstein’s Assault Weapons Ban

January 25 2013
by GSL Staff
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You can find the full text of Dianne Feinstein’s 2013 Assault Weapons Ban Here.

It’s not pleasant reading we can tell you that right now.

While it’s important to oppose this bill, it is equally important to tell your lawmakers you oppose ANY new gun legislation.

This bill is so all encompassing that it will probably have trouble passing the Senate, let alone the House.

However, there are several other lesser bills in play that want to make it much harder to buy guns by adding more background check requirements and limiting magazines to 10 rounds nationally.

Ruger has setup a very easy process to contact all of your legislatures. It takes 1 minute. Click Here to do it.

Then follow that up with a call to your lawmaker’s offices and tell them you oppose ANY new gun legislation.

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