[Video] NRA Releases Great Video About Anti-Gun Senator Who Was Arrested for Arms Trafficking

April 4 2014
by GSL Staff
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Hopefully you’ve heard by now, but if not, an anti-gun state senator in California, Leland Yee, was arrested for arms trafficking late last month. Yee has had a hand in many of California’s recent gun control bills and was one of the politicians pushing to regulate 3D printing technology.

NRA News’ Ginny Simone takes a more in depth look at the situation in a recent video released by the organization entitled, “News Flash From Ginny Simone of NRA News | “Anti-Gun Senator Busted For Gun Trafficking”

Here is the video description from Youtube,

“An epic gun-control hypocrite.” California State Senator Leland Yee, a leading gun-control activist, was arrested March 26 in an FBI sting and charged with conspiring to traffic in firearms and public corruption.

“This is heavy-duty international arms trafficking with organized crime figures,” says Civil Rights Attorney Chuck Michel. “The laws that he was pushing pale in comparison to the laws that he was breaking.”

Great information in a short video that really helps people get a grasp of what’s going on here. It’s simply amazing that someone wanted to simultaneously take guns away from law abiding citizens and put them in the hands of bad guys.

NRA News has been doing a great job recently of covering current events quickly, effectively and in a modern way. The new commentators and news casters are a diverse group that really shows the cross section of American gun owners.

If you’re interested in more videos from Ginny Simone be sure to check out http://www.NRANews.com/Ginny for her weekly releases.

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