BREAKING: Bloomberg Donates $350,000 to Anti-Gun Colorado Senators Facing Recall

August 27 2013
by GSL Staff
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With the recall election of State Senate President John Morse and first term State Senator Angela Giron looming, anti-gun New York mayor Michael Bloomberg has decided to flex his financial muscle.

According to,

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has officially entered the recall election campaign, personally donating $350,000 to a pass-through committee established less than a month ago to fund the senators’ defense campaigns.

The funds will certainly provide a nice last minute boost for the anti-gun lawmakers as they face recall elections.

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper set the recall election date for September 10, 2013 last month.

The NRA has also been financially ivolved in the process, spending over $100,000 on mailers.

The lawmakers are facing the recall effort due to their support of strict gun control laws which passed in Colorado earlier this year. Many saw the laws as being too anti-gun for Colorado, which has been a “purple” state in recent times, being seen as socially progressive on some issues, such as marijuana legalization, but many feel that residents still maintain a strong history of firearm ownership and gun rights.

The recall effort is certainly going to be watched at the national level, with many seeing it as a referendum on gun control. Anti-gun advocates have been saying that pro-gun supporters can expect a backlash at the polls, and the Colorado recall elections may be the first chance to put that to the test. Many are actually predicting the opposite and think that pro-gun activists may be able to defeat the Democratic incumbents.

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