[Video] Texas Elementary School Student Suspended for Gun Gestures With Fingers

May 3 2014
by GSL Staff
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Finger gunHere we go again, and in Texas of all places. More anti-gun hysteria in our public schools.

In this case, two elementary school students were given 1.5 days of in school suspension for pointing their fingers like guns during recess.

The school claims the incident was “more serious than horseplay,” whatever that means.

The mother of one of the children spoke out against the suspension to a local Fox affiliate,

She said, “I asked them if they were serious and then I laughed.”

They were serious. Tristen and the other student were given in school suspension for a day and a half.

“Something that was completely innocent was taken out of context,” she countered.

Tristen’s mom said, “They are just kids being kids.”

This is pretty much as close as we’ve gotten to suspending children for having an imagination. This is just the latest example of the zero tolerance hysteria which has swept our nation’s schools.

Check out our article, The Plan to Disarm America Within Two Generations is Happening RIGHT NOW for more details on how these school policies will be the downfall of the Second Amendment.

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